Therapeutic effects of strengthening exercise on gait function of cerebral palsy.

Lee JH, Sung IY, Yoo JY

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of strengthening exercises of the lower limbs on improvement of muscle strength and gait function in spastic diplegic or hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP). The experimental group completed a 5-week strengthening program and the control group took part in conventional physical therapy. Muscle tone and strength of lower limb, Gross Motor Function Measure, lateral step up, squat to stand, and three dimensional gait analysis were tested at pre-training, post-training, and 6 week follow up.

The results demonstrated that strengthening exercises could be a useful method to improve gait function of patients with spastic CP.

Disability and Rehabilitation, 2008, 30(19), 1439-44

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