Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Clinical Recommendations for Dosing of Pediatric Supported Standing Programs

There is a small amount of evidence-based recommendations for effective dosing of pediatric supported standing programs, even though their clinical use is widespread. Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (Child and Youth Version) framework, the authors searched 7 databases, using specific search terms. Thirty of 687 studies located met their inclusion criteria. Strength of the evidence was evaluated by well-known tools, and to assist with clinical decision-making, clinical recommendations based on the existing evidence and the authors’ opinions were provided.

Standing programs 5 days per week have a beneficial effect on bone mineral density (60 to 90 min/d); hip stability (60 min/d in 30° to 60° of total bilateral hip abduction); range of motion of hip, knee, and ankle (45 to 60 min/d); and spasticity (30 to 45 min/d).

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