Survival and quality of life for patients with COPD or asthma admitted to intensive care in the UK: multi-centre observational cohort study. The COPD and Asthma Outcome Study (CAOS).

Wildman MJ, Sanderson C, Groves J, Reeves B, Ayers J, Harrison DA, Young D, Rowan K


In this study patients aged 45 years and older with breathlessness, respiratory failure or change in mental status due to an exacerbation of COPD, asthma or a combination of the two were recruited in a prospective cohort study involving 92 intensive care and 3 respiratory high dependency units in the United Kingdom. Survival and quality of life at 180 days were used as outcome measures.


Eight hundred and thirty-two patients were recruited of which 62% survived to 180 days. Of the survivors, 81% responded to a questionnaire. Of the respondents, 73% considered their quality of life to be the same as or better than it had been in the stable period before they were admitted, and 96% would choose similar treatment again. Function during the stable pre-admission period was a reasonable indicator of function reported by 180-day survivors.


Thorax 2009; 64: 128 – 132


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