Reorganization of the motor cortex is associated with postural control deficits in recurrent low back pain.

Tsao H, Galea MP, Hodges PW

Many people with recurrent low back pain (LBP) have deficits in postural control of the trunk muscles and this may contribute to the recurrence of pain episodes. However, the neural changes that underlie these motor deficits remain unclear. As the motor cortex contributes to control of postural adjustments, the current study investigated the excitability and organization of the motor cortical inputs to the trunk muscles in 11 individuals with and without recurrent LBP.

The findings provide preliminary evidence of reorganization of trunk muscle representation at the motor cortex in individuals with recurrent LBP, and suggest this reorganization is associated with deficits in postural control.

Brain,  2008 Jul 18, online article ahead of print

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