Randomized controlled trial of resistance or aerobic exercise in men receiving radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Roanne J. Segal, Robert D. Reid, Kerry S. Courneya, Ronald J. Sigal, Glen P. Kenny, Denis G. Prud'Homme, Shawn C. Malone, George A. Wells, Chris G. Scott, Monika E. Slovinec D'Angelo

This study reports results from the Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy and Exercise Versus Normal Treatment study examining the effects of 24 weeks of resistance or aerobic training versus usual care on fatigue, QOL, physical fitness, body composition, prostate-specific antigen, testosterone, hemoglobin, and lipid levels in men with PCa receiving radiotherapy.

In the short term, both resistance and aerobic exercise mitigated fatigue in men with PCa receiving radiotherapy. Resistance exercise generated longer-term improvements and additional benefits for QOL, strength, triglycerides, and body fat.

Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2009, 27(3), 344-351

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