Postoperative Rehabilitation of Proximal Hamstring Tendon Tears

Complete proximal tears of the hamstring tendon are uncommon. The available literature is sparse in regard to postoperative rehabilitative programs and the published protocols are variable. The purpose of this article is to outline and discuss the program currently implemented by the authors for proximal hamstring tendon injuries as well as to review and contrast it with other published protocols. Authors pose different opinions in 3 important areas: (1) early postoperative protection and/or restrictions, (2) details on the specific phases of rehabilitation, and (3) how to determine successful outcomes and the criteria used to allow full return to previous levels of activities. This article discusses our program in detail and support it with our clinical observations and experiences.

Scott F. Hamersly and Monica Schrader. Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine, 2009, 17(4), 219-224

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