Modified Total-Body Recumbent Stepper Exercise Test for Assessing Peak Oxygen Consumption in People With Chronic Stroke

The purpose of this study was to quantitatively assess the validity and feasibility of a modified exercise test using a total-body recumbent stepper (mTBRS-XT) in individuals after stroke.  11 participants performed 2 maximal-effort graded exercise tests on separate days using the mTBRS-XT and a cycle ergometer exercise protocol to assess cardiorespiratory fitness.   A strong relationship existed between the mTBRS-XT and the cycle ergometer exercise test for Vo2peak and peak HR . Mean VO2peak was significantly higher for the mTBRS-XT compared with the cycle ergometer exercise protocol.

The mTBRS-XT may be a safe, feasible, and valid exercise test to obtain measurements of Vo2peak in people with stroke. Health care professionals may use the mTBRS-XT to prescribe aerobic exercise based on Vo2peak values for individuals with mild to severe deficits after stroke.

Physical Therapy, 4 Sept 2008, online article ahead of print

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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

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