Inclusion of thoracic spine thrust manipulation into an electro-therapy/thermal program for the management of patients with acute mechanical neck pain: A randomized clinical trial

Javier González-Iglesias, Cesar Fernández-de-las-Peñas, Joshua A. Cleland, Francisco Alburquerque-Sendín, Luis Palomeque-del-Cerro, Roberto Méndez-Sánchez

The aim was to examine the effects of a seated thoracic spine distraction thrust manipulation included in an electrotherapy/thermal program on pain, disability, and cervical range of motion in patients with acute neck pain. 45 patients with acute neck pain were randomly divided into 2 groups: an experimental group which received a thoracic manipulation, and a control group which did not receive the manipulative procedure. Both groups received an electrotherapy program consisting of 6 sessions of TENS, superficial thermo-therapy and soft tissue massage. Patients receiving thoracic manipulation experienced greater reductions in both neck pain and perceived disability. Further, patients receiving thoracic manipulation experienced greater increases in all cervical motions.

The inclusion of a thoracic manipulation into an electrotherapy/thermal program was effective in reducing neck pain and disability, and in increasing active cervical mobility in patients with acute neck pain.

Manual Therapy, online article ahead of print, 8 August 2008

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