High-Calorie-Expenditure Exercise A New Approach to Cardiac Rehabilitation for Overweight Coronary Patients

Ades PA, Savage PD, Toth MJ, Harvey-Berino J, Schneider DJ, Bunn JY, Audelin MC, Ludlow M.


A randomized controlled clinical trial was designed to evaluate the effect of high-calorie expenditure exercise (3000- to 3500-kcal/wk exercise-related energy expenditure) compared with standard cardiac rehabilitation (CR) exercise (7 to 800 kcal/wk) on weight loss and risk factors in 74 overweight patients with coronary heart disease.


High-calorie-expenditure exercise resulted in double the weight loss and fat mass loss and a greater waist reduction than standard CR exercise at 5 months. In addition high-calorie-expenditure exercise reduced insulin resistance along with the ratio of total to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and components of the metabolic syndrome, more than standard CR exercise. Significant weight loss was maintained at 1 year.


Circulation 2009; 119: 2671 – 2678


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