Effects of petrissage massage on fatigue and exercise performance following intensive cycle pedalling

Ogai, R, Yamane, M, Matsumoto, T, Kosaka, M

Petrissage is assumed to influence circulation as well as interstitial drainage of both superficial and deep tissues. To study its effect it was applied between consecutive bouts of supramaximal exercise performed by the lower leg muscles.  For the first exercise bouts total power did not differ between MA and CO. Courses of blood lactate did not differ between MA and CO. However, recovery from measured muscle stiffness and perceived lower limb fatigue were more pronounced and total power during the second exercise bout was enhanced in MA as compared with CO subjects.

Petrissage improved cycle ergometer pedalling performance independent of blood lactate but in correlation with improved recovery from muscle stiffness and perceived lower limb fatigue.

British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2008, 42, 534-538

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