Effect of Self-myofascial Release on Reduction of Physical Stress

This study sought to examine the effect of the self-myofascial release induced with a foam roller on the reduction of stress by measuring the serum concentration of cortisol. The subjects of this study were healthy females in their 20s. They were separated into the experimental and control groups. Both groups, each consisting of 12 subjects, were instructed to walk for 30 minutes on a treadmill. The control group rested for 30 minutes of rest by lying down, whereas the experimental group was performed a 30 minutes of self-myofascial release program. Statistically significant levels of cortisol concentration reduction were observed in both the experimental group, which used the foam roller, and the control group. There was no statistically significant variation between the two groups.

The Self-myofascial release induced with a foam roller failed to have an effect on the reduction of stress.

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