Changes in plasma concentration of serotonin in response to spinal stabilisation exercises in chronic low back pain patient.

Sokunbi O, Watt P, Moore A

The purpose of this study was to investigate the changes in the plasma levels of serotonin in response to spinal stabilisation exercises in participants with chronic low back pain. Plasma levels of serotonin were measured in 22 participants who were either in the stabilisation exercise group, where they carried out stabilisation exercise training, or the control (no exercise) group. The results showed significant increase in plasma serotonin level by 17.8% in the exercise groups immediately following active exercise, which was not noticed in the control group.

An increase in plasma serotonin levels produced with the use of stabilisation exercise may have a role to play in the positive out come of stabilisation exercise in the management of chronic low back pain.

    Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2007, 17(3), 108-11

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