A phase II exploratory cluster randomized controlled trial of a group mobility training and staff education intervention to promote urinary continence in UK care homes

The objective of this study was to assess feasibility, acceptability and potential efficacy of group exercise and staff education intervention to promote continence in older people residing in care homes.  Thirty-four care home residents, 23 with cognitive impairments, undertook physiotherapy-led group exercise and staff continence and mobility facilitation training.  The results showed that group mobility training and staff education to promote continence is feasible and acceptable for use with care home residents, including those with cognitive impairment.

Clinical Rehabilitation, Vol. 22, No. 8, 714-721

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Therapeutic Interventions for the Shoulder

Explore evidence-based interventions for shoulder pain including the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure and prescription considerations. Covers clinical approaches to management of specific conditions including instability, rotator cuff and subacromial pain.

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