We’ve nearly been visited by all the countries in the world!!

If you’ve been news over the past few months you will have been following our quest to be visited by all the countries in the world.  Well, we have again improved on last month and have now been visited by 192 countries, leaving us only 4 left to go!!  The statistics are phenomenal, not only have we been visited by nearly all the countries in the world but last month alone we had visits from 153 countries.  The global reach that Physiopedia has is truly amazing!

See the ‘visits by country’ statistics here.

With such a global reach Physiopedia is a place where we can all contribute to collaborate to enhance knowledge, form an international understanding for our profession and create a global force to promote our profession.  We, you, all of us together can and will make a difference.  By developing this free and open knowledge resource together we can make a difference to global health.  If you are keen to get involved but don’t know where to start why not join us on World Physical Therapy Day on Sept 8th and contribute to our pages on non-communicable diseases.

Join us on World Physical Therapy Day

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