Welcoming JP Office Workstations As A New Sponsoring Partner

As a regular reader of Physiospot you will know that we greatly appreciate the support that our sponsoring partners provide in allowing s to keep Physiopedia a free resource.  In return we like to present these socially responsible companies to you.  Take a look around their website or pop over to their social media pages to say ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’.

This month JP Office Workstationshave joined the team.  Having good ergonomic furniture in clinic is not only good for any busy practitioner but also sets a great example for your clients. JP Office Workstations designs ergonomic office workstation furniture that is not only people friendly, but eco-friendly as well.  JP Office Workstations recognise the problems that come from office working environments.  On their blog, they are building an educational resource on all issues related to the employees and the office environment. In particular, they focus on issues such as Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs); Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD’s); Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, OH & Safety issues, Ergonomics and office design.

In addition to ergonomic considerations their latest workstation designs feature environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, such as bamboo.  JP Office Workstation’s company objective is to help businesses to achieve an office look that is consistent with their brand and image.  So if you tired of your boring looking office, let JP Office update your workstations to achieve a modern look, reduce visual clutter and generate cost savings for your business.

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