Two new projects to get underway this autumn

Having proven itself as a valuable place to share student work we are gearing up for the new semesters with plans of new projects.  The first is from Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Edinburgh, UK and the second is a collaboration with Morphopedics from Marymount University in the US.

Led by Dr Judith Lane, the project from QMU has been developed for second year students on the MSc (pre-registration) Physiotherapy programme at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the module ‘Current and Emerging Roles in Physiotherapy Practice’. The aim of the module is to prepare learners for emerging physiotherapy roles in response to changing healthcare needs, evolving contexts of delivery of practice and government health targets. Read more at the project page…

Morphopedics, led by Dr Jason Craig, is a wiki that parallels the Orthopedics Courses at Marymount University and is used as a resource to enhance learning of orthopedics.  Morphopedics aimed to change the traditional learning model into a much more fluid transition of learning with the flow moving from faculty to student, from student to student and from student to faculty. Morphopedics invites everyone involved in the orthopedic class to share their insights and the fruits of their research as we all move towards the goal of becoming more skillful practitioners.  In 2011 Jason offered to merge the clinical syndromes that have been produced on Morphopedics by their orthopedic students with the content on Physiopedia.  Read more at the project page…

If you would like to find out more about the Projects in Physiopedia have a read of our Projects page, and if this motivates you to enquire about doig your own project in Physiopedia you can discuss it with rachael by email.

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