Thanking EcoWeb Hosting for digging us out of a hole!

As I’ve previously spoken about, Physiopedia is growing at an exponential rate that has far exceeded our initial expectations.  On average we are seeing 80,000 page views per month from around 40,000 people from over 204 countries.  Now some of you may have noticed that Physiopedia disappeared for a few days at the end of last year, in fact it got lost in a deep dark hole.  It turned out that our web hosting company suddenly decided that our database had grown too big so they just switched us off, no warning, no prior option to upgrade, no nothing.  Now this is something that we never could have anticipated and hadn’t planned for which therefore led us into blind panic!  Wet quickly had to find a way to get Physiopedia back online again which was going to prove difficult seeing as we didn’t have access to the database or the funds to commit to upgrade with our current web hosts.

Thankfully we have a relationship with another web hosting company who, although very small, provide unrivalled support.  So along with some swiftly received donations and an error by our old web hosting company allowing us access to the database again, EcoWeb Hosting has been super efficient at getting us back online again.  We have used several web hosting companies in the past and also had access to the control panels of a number more in relation to the work that we do with Webducate.  From these experiences it is evident that the service and support that EcoWeb Hosting provides is difficult to beat. Not only that but their service is carbon positive and eco friendly.

Why am I telling you all this techie stuff, well, here at Physiopedia, we just wanted to say thank you to Rob and the team at EcoWeb Hosting for helping us out of a hole.  And, if you’re looking for some eco friendly, highly supportive web hosting, you know where to go!