Physiopedia exceeds all expectations in it’s first official year

Following the official launch of Physiopedia in January last year, 2009 has exceeded all of our expectations. The project has been well received with a great deal of interest from all over the world.  We have had over 300 author registrations from the physiotherapy and physical therapy community and built more than 200 articles with valued content.  Not only have individuals been working in Physiopedia as part of their continued education and professional development, we have also run four educational projects where students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, have been working on assignments in Physiopedia as part of their formal education.  This aspect of Physiopedia’s development has been the most innovative, drawing interest from educational professionals and institutions globally. With a truly international following Physiopedia has been referenced as a source of information in courses around the world, has been presented at an international physiotherapy conference and has also been published in a leading international physiotherapy journal.

We are looking forward to 2010 being another exciting year for Physiopedia.  In February we start our first international collaborative project where students from Ireland and South Africa will work together on the same assignment within Physiopedia.  As well we are planning to develop an open educational programme within Physiopedia where qualified physiotherapists and physical therapists can take part in free and collaborative professional development together.  We hope to continue to develop further innovative projects for Physiopedia, present our work at more international conferences and also publish reports in leading educational and physiotherapy journals.

We have constantly been overwhelmed by the activity that has taken place in Physiopedia and the support that we have had for the project.  We thank all of you who have become involved and contributed to the exciting development of this project, the worlds first open encyclopedia for the global physiotherapy community.