Physiopedia Course Showcased in the Reclaim Open Learning Innovation Gallery

Physiopedia Course Showcased in the Reclaim Open Learning Innovation Gallery

Reclaim Open Learning is an innovation contest, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation,the Digital Media and Learning Hub, and the MIT Media Lab, with a humble mission. They wanted to find the best examples of innovation happening right now in higher education.  The contest supports and showcases innovation that brings together the best of truly open, online and networked learning in the wilds of the Internet, with the expertise represented by institutions of higher education.

In an effort to surface innovators who are building the future of higher education using technology and practices that are open like the web, the Reclaim Open Learning Innovation Gallery showcases a number of projects from the 2013 Reclaim Open Learning Challenge.  We are delighted to see that the Professional Ethics Course that took place in Physiopedia last year has been recognised as one of these innovative projects and has been showcased in the Innovation Gallery.

We’re looking forward to more projects like this in 2014!

The Knee Course

Having a detailed understanding of the knee is essential to all clinical specialties, not just sports. Enhance your understanding by taking an online course on Physiopedia plus.
Physiopedia news by: Rachael Lowe

Rachael Lowe is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Physiopedia. A physiotherapist and technology specialist Rachael has been working with Physiopedia since 2008 to create a resource that provides universal access to physiotherapy knowledge as well as a platform for connecting and educating the global physiotherapy profession.

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