New videos on assessing and treating breathing disorders for members

Thanks to our premium partner Elsevier we have nine new videos in the Physiopedia member area related to assessment and treatment of breathing disorders.  These videos, by breathing disorders expert Leon Chaitow, are an excellent compliment to the learn topic on dysfunctional breathing and really help to illustrate some of the techniques that we learn in the topic.

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  1. Assessing posture in standing
  2. Assessing breathing pattern – HiLo Test
  3. First rib palpitation assessment
  4. Rib palpitation
  5. Breathing wave
  6. Evaluation of lateral rib expansion in sitting
  7. Mobilising the diaphragm attachment area
  8. Assessment of the respiratory-postural function of the diaphragm
  9. Breathing retraining sequence

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