Network with Physiopedia and friends on facebook

Physiopedia has decided to get social and now has a facebook page!! Facebook is a place where all Physiopedia users can connect and share ideas. Here’s a few ways that you might like to use our new facebook page:

  • Become a fan!!
  • Suggest to your friends that they should become a fan
  • Once you are a fan put our fan badge on your website or blog
  • Start a new discussion, give feedback or suggest ideas to the Physiopedia team
  • Organise a project within Physiopedia
  • Search for others to join with you to complete that project
  • Look out for new events taking place within Physiopedia
  • Find events where the Physiopedia team will be presenting or demonstrating and will be there in person
  • Demonstrate your support!

We look forward to connecting with you all on the new Physiopedia facebook page.

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