Interview with Elly Hengeveld

This month we had the opportunity to record a 40 minute interview with Elly Hengeveld who is a prodigious author and co-author of text books on the Maitland approach to assessment and treatment. In addition to her writing Elly is a physiotherapy lecturer teaching in many different countries and she even finds time to practice clinically!

In this interview Elly describes how she discovered the Maitland concept and why this approach became the focus of her working life. Elly and Rachael discuss some of the common misconceptions regarding Maitland and Elly highlights why this approach continues to be of great importance to the profession now and for the future with its focus on thorough assessment and reassessment, evidence informed clinical decision making, patient centred treatment and the use of manipulation and passive movement. Elly also shares her opinions on the increasing adoption of protocols and guidelines and the current debate surrounding hands-on / hands-off treatment approaches.

So sit back and prepare to be reminded why you chose this profession and how you too can become a clinical expert…

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maitland-textMaitland’s Vertebral & Peripheral Manipulation The legacy of Geoff Maitland and his seminal work continues in these new editions, with Elly Hengeveld and Kevin Banks leading an international team of experts who demonstrate how to manage neuromusculoskeletal disorders using the principles and practice of the Maitland Concept.

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