Featured contributor and resource of the month

For March 2010 we have chosen two contributions from the Pathophysiology of Complex Patient Problems project which is currently being undertaken by the physical therapy students from Bellarmine Universtiy in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

The featured resource for the month is the new Fibromyalgia article.  Created by Amanda Collard the Fibromyalgia article is an indepth review and key reading for rehabilitation professionals involved in patients with this debilitating condition.

Our featured contributor for the month is Kevin Beale.  Kevin has created a great evidence-based article on Lyme Disease as his part of the Bellarmine University’s Pathophysiology of Complex Patient Problems project.

Take a look at the great work that these two students are doing to increase awareness of a some of the complex patient problems that emerge when homeostasis is disrupted.  They address the medical and physical therapy management of patient problems consequent to the underlying pathology.