2 Presentations on Adverse Neural Dynamics in the Upper Limb

This week we will be adding two new presentations to Physiopedia on adverse neural dynamics in the upper quarter.  Many thanks to Jason Grandeo for offering his presentations to us all in an open access format.

Jason has created these presentations as part of his Fellowship training with Evidence in Motion (EIM).  The first presentation addresses the evidence for the upper extremity examination and the second reviews the evidence behind treatment considerations in the upper quarter.

In the first presentation Jason:

  1. reviews the biomechanical and pathophysiological properties of nerve,
  2. reviews indications for using upper-limb neurodynamic tests,
  3. describes normal sensory responses for each of the upper limb neurodynamic tests,
  4. reviews the validity of the upper limb neurodynamic tests, and
  5. describes positive findings with upper limb neurodynamic tests.

In the second presentation Jason:

  1. reviews the current literature on treating adverse neural dynamics in the upper extremity,
  2. describes interventions used to treat individuals with positive neural dynamic tests for median, ulnar and radial nerves, and
  3. discusses the need for future research to guide physical therapist clinical reasoning when treating individuals presenting with signs of adverse neural dynamics in the upper extremity.

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