2 New FREE Open Online Courses in Physiopedia in 2016 – Physical Activity and Cerebral Palsy

We are super excited to announce that we will be running two free open online courses (MOOCs) this year in Physiopedia.  The first in July is on Physical Activity and Exercise, and the second in September is all about Cerebral Palsy.

Physical Activity, Exercise and PhysiotherapyIn collaboration with Exercise Works the physical activity course encompasses Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity (PEPA). The course will cover all aspects of the evidence for physical activity, health benefits and best practice models, based on a variety of national and international guidelines.

This 6 week course starts 4th July.

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Understanding cerebral palsy courseThe Cerebral Palsy course in September will be in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).  The goal of this course is to increase the knowledge base for sound rehabilitation practice, in particular in less resourced settings where the management of Cerebral Palsy merits increased attention.

This 6 week course starts 5th September.

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This is an initial announcement of these two courses that follow the success of our previous Physiotherapy Management of Spinal Cord Injuries and Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation courses.  We will provide more detail and information here as we get closer to the courses.

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Cerebral Palsy Course

Learn more with the Cerebral Palsy Course only available to PP+ FULL and Trial members. Align your understanding with experts and help improve the lives of those with CP.
Physiopedia news by: Rachael Lowe

Rachael Lowe is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Physiopedia. A physiotherapist and technology specialist Rachael has been working with Physiopedia since 2008 to create a resource that provides universal access to physiotherapy knowledge as well as a platform for connecting and educating the global physiotherapy profession.


  1. Lei Lei Pyone says:

    I would like to learn this subject,physical activity for cerebralpalsy.I work for CP children in Myanmar.I need many experience for CP to apply in my work.Thank you.

  2. Will the CP course also be developed in French ? Thx

  3. Hi Karen, at this stage we don’t have the resources to translate the course into french, sorry.

  4. Araz mohammad Mashreghi says:

    Dear Rachael Lowe
    I like to learn more about CP. but unfortunately i was late in registering this course .Will the CP course repeat in future.

  5. Hi Araz, this course is still available in the Physiopedia Plus free trial account for you to complete in your own time. You can access it here – https://members.physio-pedia.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

  6. Hello, I was just wondering if there will be running the Understanding cerebral palsy course again this year? i am very interested.
    Kind regards

  7. Hi, the cerebral palsy course is available to anyone to do at anytime in the free trial area of Physiopedia Plus here – https://members.physio-pedia.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

  8. Gayle Finn says:

    I was wondering should I do the Physical activity course now, would I still be able to receive the CPD points which were offered during the time the course was run originally?

  9. Yes, you will receive the PP+ points and a course completion certificate.

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