100 article milestone broken!

This rolling stone hasn’t had a chance to gather any moss recently!  We are delighted to announce that we now have over 100 great articles full of content.  Mainly in the musculoskeletal field and with special thanks to the efforts of the students at the Mediacl College of Georgia and Evidence  in Motion our content is rapidly growing.

The educational projects that have taken place in Physiopedia have so far been a great success, and initial feedback from the students and tutors has been resoundingly positive.   We hope that other institutions will be encouraged by the success of these projects and join us in this global collaborative effort.  It’s not all about educational institutions though, there are many other opportunities to be involved either as an individual or as a health care organisation.  For individuals writing, reviewing and updating pages in Physiopedia is a great continuing education and professional development activity, and for physiotherapy and physical therapy departments and clinics Physiopedia is an innovative tool for staff and service development projects, see our Health Organisations Guide for more information on this.

So join us, encourage others, spread the word, let’s keep that stone rolling!!