#WorldHealthDay: Universal health coverage making “My Health, My Right” a reality

This World Health Day on 7 April, the message is simple yet powerful “My Health, My Right”. This is a reminder that good health is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Despite progress, access to essential health services is still out of reach for many. This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is asking us to think about how we can make health care accessible for everyone, everywhere. At Physiopedia our mission to improve global health by providing free access to rehabilitation knowledge aligns perfectly with this.

Access to health care shouldn’t depend on where you live, how much money you have, or your social status. Yet, today, millions of people have to go without the medical care they need. This year’s theme, “My Health, My Right,” asks us to look at ways to bring health care and assistive technology to everyone. It’s about making sure that all people can get quality health services without financial hardship.

Access to health care should not be influenced by one’s geographical location, financial status, or social standing. Unfortunately, countless individuals still face barriers to receiving the care they need. This year’s theme encourages us to find solutions for universal health care access. An important part of being able to access healthcare is supporting the development of a healthcare workforce, which relies on equitable access to education and training. Improving global health through access to rehabilitation knowledge is the mission of Physiopedia and is ingrained in everything we do. From creating open access knowledge resources via the Physiopedia website, to our international workforce development projects and in the ethos behind Physiopedia Plus (Plus) to support learners in low-income countries – we strive to contribute to breaking down barriers to rehabilitation knowledge. This testimonial from an Orthopaedic Technologist in Uganda illustrates the impact of accessible knowledge: 

I am happy that we can refresh our knowledge through Plus for free because many people used to have no access to such vital platforms for knowledge growth!

This reflects the transformative potential of initiatives like Physiopedia Plus, which offers a free subscription to someone in a low-income country for every paid subscription, thereby promoting equitable access to health care information and treatment.

Universal health coverage (UHC) is key to ensuring everyone’s right to health. UHC means that everyone can access the health services they need without financial difficulty. This requires not just investment in health systems, but also a commitment from every one of us to support policies and initiatives that promote health equity.

This World Health Day, why not join the Physiopedia mission to make a difference. Discover ways you can contribute! You could join our volunteer content team, or your university or organisation could create a content development project or create an organisation account on Plus, or show your support by making a donation to help us keep information free to access to improve rehabilitation knowledge globally. Let’s work together to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life!

World Health Day 2024 calls us to action, reminding us that health is a right, not a privilege. By collaborating and taking concrete steps towards universal health coverage, we can address the challenges of health care access. Join Physiopedia to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has the opportunity to live a healthier life. Let’s work together to make “My Health, My Right” a reality for everyone, supporting equitable access to to the health care they need.

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