Keep your back healthy and happy this #WorldSpineDay2023

This World Spine Day is about spreading the word on how simple lifestyle changes can make a big impact on back health. From how we spend our days to the benefits of regular exercise, we are considering practical ways to “Move Your Spine” to keep your back healthy.

Back pain is a common issue affecting people worldwide. Whether it’s due to manual work, sitting for long periods or leading a sedentary life, small habits can lead to big problems.  Especially as more people are now working from home. Did you know that an estimated 1 billion people suffer from spinal pain, with 540 million people struggling at any one time? It’s a discomfort that can limit daily activities and affect well-being. However, there are simple steps that can be taken to improve back health. 

Staying mobile and adapting healthy habits are key. In particuar, exercise is a game changer. Regular physical activity helps to strengthen muscles and improve overall back health. It doesn’t have to be strenuous workouts; even a brisk walk can make a difference. There are well documented  benefits of physical activity and international guidelines that can help with planning a more active routine, which can contribute to back health. 

The internet is full of advice and information on so many topics, but sifting through it all and deciphering fact from fiction can be overwhelming. At Physiopedia, we are committed to helping people to find just what they need to make great informed choices. Our mission is to improve global health by providing free, trustworthy information. Our volunteer content team is dedicated to keeping our information both current and evidence-based. We cover everything you need to know, from understanding your spine anatomy to tips for staying active and healthy.

So on this World Spine Day why not take a moment to think about daily habits and how they affect the back. Small changes can lead to big improvements, so share your thoughts and tips on back health with the hashtag #WorldSpineDay2023. Let’s all be more mindful of keeping our backs healthy and encourage each other to make healthier choices.

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