University of Oxford Physiotherapists Initiate 
“Back Skills Training Programme” for Managing Chronic Pain

The physiotherapy research team at University of Oxford is launching The Back Skills Training Programme (BSTP), an evidence-based programme consisting of a cognitive behavioral approach and exercise to help teach patients management of persistent low back pain.

Patients are evaluated during an individual session for appropriateness and then participate in six 90 minute group sessions. A patient workbook and an app are provided to use with the programme.  This project was developed by the Centre for Rehabilitation Research at the University of Oxford. It was funded by the National Institute for Health Research. A randomised controlled trial conducted with more than 700 patients from 56 general practices in seven areas of England was completed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. This study showed a reduction in disability and pain at 12 months and beyond – up to three years later – and improvement in quality of life and satisfaction.‘

If you are interested in delivering the BSTP programme at your facility, training is online and free of charge to NHS clinicians for 12 months after its launch. For more information, email [email protected] or follow updates on Twitter @RRIO_news

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