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Evidence in Motion (EIM) is an education and consultation company whose sole reason of existence is to elevate the physical therapy profession and the role of physical therapists in healthcare delivery. A strong dedication to fostering the creation and assimilation of an evidence-based practice culture within the physical therapy profession is a cornerstone of Evidence In Motion’s mission. They have put in place evidence-based practice treatment pathways in many facilities and aims to promote the global sharing of information and ideas, thus advancing evidence-based physical therapy practice, research and education around the world. Evidence In Motion offers Continuing Education, Residencies, a Fellowship Program, Manual Therapy and Sports Certifications, a Musculoskeletal Postprofessional DPT, and an Executive Program in Private Practice Management with optional Postprofessional DPT. Our partner, NeuroRecovery Training Institute also offers courses and programs for neuro PTs.

Ageing & Parkinson’s Disease

In this month's Members topic we are developing our understanding of ageing and Parkinson's Disease. This month we have exclusive access to:

  1. 5 FREE chapters from text books Geriatric Physical Therapy edited by Andrew Guccione, Rita Wong & Dale Avers 2014 and A Comprehensive Guide to Geriatric Rehabilitation edited by Timothy Kauffman, Ronald Scott, John Barr & Michael Moran. 2014
  2. 2 FREE journal articles from Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  3. 3 related quizzes to test your knowledge

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