Graduating this summer? Increase your employability by volunteering with Physiopedia

Graduating this summer? Increase your employability by volunteering with Physiopedia

Are you graduating form physiotherapy or physical therapy school this summer and looking for ways to make your CV stand out amongst the crowd?  Physiopedia offers a formal and rewarded volunteer program where you can earn professional development certificates, Physiopedia Badges and references for your future employer.

Joining us on the team at Physiopedia is a great compliment to anyone’s daily work and also to your CV. From the experience you will gain new profession related knowledge and also advance your technical skills. Volunteering will contribute to your  professional development and has been proven to improve employability.  In addition to this you can know and feel good about the fact that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building this free professional resource.

Our Volunteer program starts with a three month induction as a White Belt Volunteer.  During this time you will be asked to complete three tasks that will help you to be confident in editing Physiopedia and be familiar with the Physiopedia quality standards.  On completion of the Induction you will immediately be awarded your Yellow Belt Badge, a completion certificate and an ongoing role that suits your interests.

We are building the largest physiotherapy and physical therapy specific resource available, and through volunteering you can help!  There is always so much to do to at Physiopedia and we always welcome offers to contribute.  Help us to build this amazing free resource that we hope it will become for our profession.

If you are interested in volunteering simply email Rachael to express your interest.

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Ageing & Parkinson’s Disease

In this month's Members topic we are developing our understanding of ageing and Parkinson's Disease. This month we have exclusive access to:

  1. 5 FREE chapters from text books Geriatric Physical Therapy edited by Andrew Guccione, Rita Wong & Dale Avers 2014 and A Comprehensive Guide to Geriatric Rehabilitation edited by Timothy Kauffman, Ronald Scott, John Barr & Michael Moran. 2014
  2. 2 FREE journal articles from Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  3. 3 related quizzes to test your knowledge

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