Reviewing “Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant,” the Forth Edition

In this forth version of the text, Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant Robert C. Manske continues the work of Gary Shankman. This book is split into 6 parts each containing relevant subcategories of which are very detailed, easy to read and have good pictures, diagrams and flowcharts. Each part has relevant subcategories of which are very detailed, easy to read and have good pictures, diagrams and flowcharts. After each part there is a glossary, review quiz section and an extensive reference lists. The 6 sections are:

  1. Basic concepts of orthopedic management
  2. Review of tissue healing,
  3. Basis for movement,
  4. Management of orthopedic patients by region.
  5. Management of orthopedic patients by condition and
  6. Topics in orthopedics. 

There is a useful appendix section towards the back of the book which consists of; common medications, reference ranges for different blood tests, units of measurement and terminology, fracture eponyms and major movements of the body and the muscles acting on the joints.

Overall this is a very comprehensive detailed book which provides a good overview of orthopedic management. At the beginning of the book it does outline the role of the physical therapist assistant but it is difficult to remember this is a book aimed at a physical therapist assistant due to the level of detail it goes into. For example it describes some of the assessment techniques that a physical therapist/physiotherapist may use. This information is useful for knowledge and understanding but possibly not within the scope of practice for all physical therapy assistant roles, as these practice rules vary from country to country. Looking at this book from a global perspective, it would be highly recommended for the student and newly qualified physiotherapy assistant looking to work within orthopedics.


  • Detailed descriptions
  • Clear photographs / diagrams and flow charts
  • Review quizzes after each chapter
  • Logical order to the book and each section
  • Extensive reference list


  • Some of the references are a little dated
  • Possibly a little too comprehensive for the assistant dependent on the country
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.01.45 PMFundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Designed to meet the unique needs of physical therapist assistants this book focuses on critical thinking and helps you apply fundamental orthopedic principles in physical therapy interventions. Clear explanations cover basic concepts such as the PTA’s role in physical assessment of flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance, along with the specifics of tissue healing; medications; gait and joint mobilization; and an introduction to biomechanics. It also describes the application of therapeutic interventions for many orthopedic conditions by region and affliction. Edited by two experienced clinicians, Gary A. Shankman and Robert C. Manske, and written by contributors who are experts in their respective fields, this is your one-stop source for PTA practice in orthopedics.

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