Pain Journal Review

In coordination with our focus on pain this month we are featuring PAIN journal.  PAIN is published by Elsevier and the official publication of the International Association for the Study  Pain (IASP) and publishes original research on the nature, mechanisms and treatment of pain.

What they say

Not a lot!  They are focused and to the point in their description of this journal.  Along with the fact that the journal “publishes original research on the nature, mechanisms and treatment of pain”, they also state that “the journal provides a forum for the dissemination of research in the basic and clinical sciences of multidisciplinary interest”.

What we say

Issued every month, PAIN is one of the premier journals publishing pain research that is relevant for physiotherapy/physical therapy clinical practice.  Francis J  Keefe, the Editor-in-Chief, is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University in the USA does a great job of including articles that cover the complete biopsychosocial model of pain.  There’s always something of interest to us.  In a recent interview with Richmond Stace, specialist pain physio from the UK, he suggested that this journal is key reference material for physiotherapist and physical therapists interested in pain.

Unfortunately it is expensive to purchase an individual subscription.  If you can’t persuade your place of work or study to include an institutional subscription in their license our recommendation would be to join the IASP which will give you the journal as part of your membership.

Have a look around PAIN with this free trial issue

In conjunction with featuring this journal this month we have been able to secure open access to this key article for you until the end of July:

Mark P. Jensen. Psychosocial approaches to pain management: An organizational framework. Pain 2011, 152(4) 717-725

Publish your work in PAIN

PAIN is the premier journal in the field of anesthesiology, according to the annual Thomson Reuters study, “Journal Citation Reports,” attaining an Impact Factor in 2012 of 5.644. The Impact Factor measures, among other things, how often journal articles are cited during a specific period. If you are interested in publishing your work in PAIN, Elsevier (the publisher) provides authors with multiple resources, from fact sheets and bite-sized webinars to quizzes on all areas of publication in health, science and medical journals.

Take a look at the guide for authors