Clinical Teacher: the app for better teaching practice.

It’s not often that a physiotherapist writes an app but this one from Michael Rowe is certainly an excellent learning opportunity!  The Clinical Teacher is “a mobile reference app for clinicians, supervisors and clinical educators who have an interest in improving their teaching practices”.  However we would also comment that there are articles in the app that are relevant to any physiotherapy practitioner “Using social media for professional development” and “Writing a research paper” are just two examples.

The app offers a fresh approach to the domain of clinical education by integrating rich media with academic rigor. Think of the app as a library within which articles are published and available for download. The articles are extremely well written, based on evidence and provide insight into teaching and learning strategies in the clinical context. The idea surrounding the content is that it is more “academic” than a blog post, but less so than a peer-reviewed publication. Developed from the ground up by domain experts, the articles make use of peer-reviewed publications and open educational resources to deliver a concise summary of the topic being explored. Articles are comprehensive enough to give you a better understanding of the topic but concise enough to cover in one sitting. However, additional resources are also provided so that you can explore the topics in even more depth.

The app is currently available for free on the iPhone, iPad, any device running Android, and via a web browser.  Once downloaded, the content is available for purchase for $0.99 (£0.69), although some articles are available for free.

If you’re a clinical educators interested in earning some a little bit of extra cash you might want to consider publishing through The Clinical Teacher.

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