Book Review: Physical Management for Neurological Conditions

Part of the Physiotherapy Essentials series, this is the fourth edition of Elsevier’s standard physiotherapy text book for Neurological Conditions.

The three editors, who come from Australia, United Kingdom and Belgium, clearly had a mission to supply clinically relevant information, based on the best evidence available. Each chapter has been written by internationally renowned clinicians and researchers, and each is well laid out on the page, with clear tables presented in boxes, which we now expect in a modern text book.

The book is organised into 3 sections: the first comprises background knowledge, and presents an overview of guiding principles in neurological rehabilitation; this is followed by the largest section of the book – almost half the total volume of pages – Management of Specific Conditions. Some new conditions have appeared in this edition: inherited neurological disorders and functional motor disorders are welcome additions. I particularly like the frequent references to ICF categories, and the summaries of the evidence base for different interventions in specific conditions. The third section of the book, Specific Aspects of Management, covers vestibular management, pain, falls, etc. but now also has a chapter on Virtual Reality and Interactive Gaming Technologies in Neurorehabilitation – very pertinent! Each chapter is thoroughly referenced.

Every chapter of this book clearly shows the evidence base for the interventions, laid out in a manner which means that it is easy to “dip in” and quickly find which modalities are effective for different issues. The condition chapters all include a case study, and every single chapter in all three sections of the book ends with a few Self-Assessment Questions. This feature will be particularly useful to any clinician involved in teaching, whether training of undergraduates, or for an In Service Training programme.

This new edition is an excellent resource not only for junior physiotherapists working in Neurology, but also for experienced therapists, like myself, who will welcome the thorough referencing and the clear summaries of the evidence.

Written by an international team of clinicians and researchers, it is applicable to a number of healthcare systems, with a special focus on physiotherapy. New chapters have been added to cover both common and rare conditions, such as hereditary disorders, functional motor disorders, and neuromuscular diseases.

Together with the Pocketbook of Neurological Physiotherapy, it covers all essential components and conditions.

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