Book Review: Neurological Physiotherapy Pocketbook

Part of Elsevier’s Physiotherapy Pocketbook series, this is the second edition of this compact book, which does indeed fit snugly into the pocket of a standard physiotherapy tunic – I checked.

The book has 13 chapters; section 1 (the first 7 chapters) is titled Background Knowledge, and includes guiding principles in neurological rehab, motor control, assessment and management of common neurological impairments.

Section 2, Management of Common Conditions has the remainder of the chapters, and limits itself to six conditions: Stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

In my opinion these six are sensible choices which cover the main conditions encountered in the average neurological physiotherapy practice.

This small book is a companion volume to the considerably larger text book Physical Management for Neurological Conditions, being completely revised for this second edition by an impressive international team of clinicians and researchers, at the same time as they edited the fourth edition of the large text book. This does mean that a number of the chapters in the pocketbook are, as acknowledged in the book, an “abridged version” of similar chapters in the full size text book – this includes all the condition chapters, as you might expect. 

Still, there are a good number of chapters which have different content to the large book, so buying both volumes does make sense.

The layout of the Pocketbook makes it quick and easy to find relevant pages, and all the information presented is pertinent. I very much like the frequent use of tables and boxes, and despite its small size (yes, it really does fit properly into a uniform pocket, so no-one need know that you’re carrying it around…) it is extremely well referenced.

As an experienced neurological physiotherapist I did not expect to want to actually carry this book around with me at work, but it’s such a handy resource for those occasions when a young colleague asks me a tricky question, usually about evidence, that I think I’ll throw it in my work bag on days when I’m supervising students on placement. 


For any student or newly qualified physio who is on a neuro placement, I’m certain this neat little volume will be a superb resource and I shall now heartily recommend it to all young therapists (including the occasional Occupational Therapist) I come across.

Neurological Physiotherapy Pocketbook

The second edition of the Neurological Physiotherapy Pocketbook is the only book for physiotherapists that provides essential evidence-based information in a unique and easy-to-use format for the current evidence in clinical settings.

Written by new international editors and contributors, this pocketbook provides quick and easy access to essential clinical information.

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