New Shoulder Course

The NEW Physiopedia Plus shoulder course will be available from 15th January – and this time it’ll be a little different!  Over 4 weeks we will release 4 short courses on the shoulder, for each 4-hour course you can pass the quiz to earn a certificate.  Join in early to learn with and from physiotherapists all over the world!

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. This flexibility also makes your shoulder susceptible to instability and injury. Common  acute injuries include dislocations, AC joint sprain, rotator cuff tears and overuse syndromes including rotator cuff related shoulder pain.  Other considerations include arthritis, inflammatory conditions, older people and the young person.

There is so much that can go wrong with the shoulder, it’s the basics that give us a head start! 

Best practice requires specific skills in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation when working with individuals with acute, chronic and complex conditions of the shoulder. The shoulder is a large topic and this course is therefore by no means exhaustive exploration of the shoulder but it is a great starting point for your understanding of treating shoulder pain.

The course is broken into 4 different short courses (expect to spend around 4 hours on each course):

  • Course 1: Introduction to Shoulder: Structure & Function
  • Course 2: Shoulder Conditions: Clinical Presentations of Shoulder Pain
  • Course 3: Assessment of the Shoulder
  • Course 4: Therapeutic Interventions for the Shoulder

Learn from world-leading experts in a single location. These topic specialists will share insights and clinical pearls that will make a difference to your clinical practice.

  • Anju Jaggi
  • Karen McCreesh
  • Chris Littlewood
  • Eoin Ó Conaire
  • Jeremy Lewis
  • Mike Reinold

Make the most of this fantastic opportunity by signing up now to Physiopedia Plus with a special 20% discount for the new 2018 year!

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Neck Pain

Out of all 291 conditions studied in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study, neck pain ranked 4th highest in terms of disability and 21st in terms of overall burden.


Lionel Moolman
Lionel Moolman
January 15, 2018 at 7:06 am

Good day

I am a member of the SASP and have access to physiopedia+. Is this new shoulder course available to me?

Rachael Lowe

Your SASP membership provides you with full access to Physiopedia Plus (PP+). To access PP+ you need to login to the SASP website and then click on the PP+ access link. This should transfer you directly into a personal full account on the PP+ site where you can see your dashboard of learning activities, access all the courses and explore all the other resources.

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