Course title:Level 3 - Managing Movement Impairments of the Lower Leg
Description:Movement Wizard Mark Comerford visits KC's long time collaborators SOMT in Holland to deliver the Level 3 course' Managing Movement Impairments of the Lower Leg'

Knee, shin, foot impairments and gait are viewed from the perspective of movement control impairments and restrictions of normal function. The evaluation and diagnosis of movement control impairments are explored. Identifying and mobilising relevant restrictions along with retraining movement control and efficiency and functional recovery are explored

Programme Outline:

Gait -

*Functional implications of double and single leg support
*Dysfunction during gait
*The 'sagittal blockade'

Alignment -

*Static & dynamic lower quadrant alignment
*Structural vs functional faults and tests of the lower leg
*Uncontrolled movement at the knee - assessment & retraining
*Uncontrolled movement at the foot & ankle - assessment & retraining

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course the student should be able to:

Understand the development of uncontrolled movement and movement control impairments
Analyse the inter-relationship between restriction and compensation in articular and myofascial tissues
Classify muscles roles based on function & dysfunction
Understand the normal control mechanisms of the lower leg in gait
Discuss the development of uncontrolled movement with respect to alignment influences, sagittal control and rotatory control
Understand key points to evaluate when analysing gait
Clinically assess lower leg (knee, ankle and foot) motor control strategies to identify and diagnose the uncontrolled movement
Identify and correct global imbalance in stabiliser - mobiliser function of the lower leg

The participant should demonstrate the ability to apply principles of assessment and motor control retraining to:

Follow a systematic and logical approach to the assessment of movement control impairments
Develop an integrated management plan
Apply rehabilitation strategies to retrain specific dysfunction and manage uncontrolled movement and pain in the lower leg
Use re-assessment tools to guide the rate of progression of an individual patient through their rehab programme
Tutor:Mark Comerford
Date(s):26-27 May 2016
Duration:2 days
Cost:Check with organiser
Contact name:Lotte Germans
Telephone:0031 (0) 33 456 0737
Contact email:[email protected]