Course title:Level 2: Movement Efficiency for the Low Back & Hip
Description:Movements of the low back and hip are both anatomically and biomechanically linked with many of the muscles responsible for producing or managing movement at one region producing or controlling movement at the other. Due to this interdependent relationship effective assessment and retraining of movement requires these regions to be considered in concert. It also is becoming increasingly apparent in the literature all functional movement utilises synergistic patterns of recruitment with a varied mix of contribution between one-joint stabiliser and multi-joint mobiliser muscles. Predictable and consistent impairments in the co-ordinated activation of these synergists has been associated with both pain and the site and direction of uncontrolled movement. Changes in the length tension properties of these synergists also alters the efficiency of their ability to produce or control movement

A structured and systematic process of assessment, leading to a diagnosis of movement control impairment, allows for a clinical reasoning approach to prioritise which synergists are more relevant to retrain. Assessing and retraining these muscles so as to manage their length and recruitment deficiencies can help manage pain, recurrence of pain and improve function.

During these courses:

We’ll look at how changes in muscle recruitment can relate to movement impairments
You can start to evaluate the recruitment efficiency of the local and global muscle systems
At this stage you will experience additional practical applications of movement retraining strategies to help restore recruitment efficiency
You will further develop your skills for cognitive motor learning
Learn new strategies to recover the ideal recruitment and length of the overactive multi-joint muscles

By the end of the courses you will:

Have acquired the necessary assessment skills to implement tests to evaluate muscle efficiency
Developed a better understanding of the relationship between movement impairments and muscle efficiency
Have at your disposal a range of effective strategies for helping your patients recover ideal recruitment and length of multi-joint global synergists and improve their function
There will be an opportunity for us to consider the neuroscience underpinning the principles recruitment efficiency, impaired function and recurrence of symptoms


Our internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy offers a structured approach to help therapists optimise movement health and reduce recurrence of pain and enhance patients’ quality of life. We deliver training and expert skills development to physiotherapists & physical therapists to help people move better, feel better and do more.
Tutor:Pablo Marinho
Date(s):31 July - 1 August 2016
Duration:2 days
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Contact name:Totum Saúde
Telephone:+55 61 4102-6229
Contact email:[email protected]