Level 2 – Movement Efficiency for Low Back

Course title:Level 2 - Movement Efficiency for Low Back
Description:Movement is function - controlling movement through activities and sport is essential for optimum function. Movement control is dependent on CNS processing and current research demonstrates links between changes in the CNS and inefficient movement control.

Muscle synergy patterns influence our ability to control movement and alignment in functional activities and sport. Identifying aberrant patterns of muscle recruitment synergies is key for movement control assessment and retraining.


This course will help you:

- Consider what matters for movement at the low back and hip including functional anatomy, recruitment and neuroscience.
- Assess for recruitment efficiency of the global stability muscles that control movement at the low back and hip.
- Understand the relationship between movement impairments and muscle efficiency.
- Develop practical skills targeting key muscle groups including the gluts, oblique abdominals, segmental back extensors and deep hip flexors.
- Match the level of retraining to the patient's abilities and goals and progress cognitive retraining into function.
- Assess for aberrant recruitment of the multi-joint muscle and exploring options to recover function.


A large practical element to the course will help you gain skills that you can quickly implement in practice.


This course is for all therapists including those dealing with musculoskeletal presentations, neuro rehab, amputee rehab, and paediatrics.


Suggested pre-course reading includes Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram. An attendance certificate will be issued. CPD: 14 hours.


This course was £300.00 and is now £270 on bookings made by 31st July.
There are limited funded places maybe available for Allied Health Professionals working for the NHS in the East Midlands.
Tutor:Sarah Mottram MSc, MCSP, MMACP
Date(s):27th & 28th September 2016
Duration:2 Days
Cost:£270 if booked by 31 July
Venue:London Road Community Hospital
Location:Derby, UK
Contact name:Alison Downing
Telephone:+ 44 (0) 1332 254679
Contact email:[email protected]
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