Course title:Level 1 - Solutions for Movement Impairments to the Neck and Shoulder
Description:Movement expert Sarah Mottram will be at Derby Hospital to deliver the new KC level one course 'Solutions for Movement Impairments to the Neck and Shoulder' this May

Course Introduction:

Function and performance require an integrated relationship between the shoulder and neck. Due to this close relationship the neck and shoulder require effective management as a co-ordinated functional unit. This module presents methods of managing movement health of these regions through the evaluation of movement control, allowing for deficits to be brought to light and subsequently managed though bespoke retraining. Although these regions are undoubtedly complex, the module supplies means to restore optimal movement health through its systematic approach. This module employs a movement focused philosophy, within a highly structured process of assessment and retraining, to address issues related those highly integrated regions, the neck and shoulder.

Key Features:

* Neck and shoulder movement is evaluated allowing for movement control impairments to be diagnosed and classified
* Presentation of a systematic assessment, clinical reasoning and movement retraining process to significantly reduce the incidence and recurrence of neck and shoulder pain
* Impairment specific retraining of optimal movement control of the neck and shoulder to optimise movement health and improve function

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course the participant should be able to:

* Acquire skills to evaluate movement and identify movement impairments at the neck and shoulder
* Make a diagnosis of movement impairments
* Relate these movement impairments to the patient’s goals and priorities
* Learn effective strategies to correct these movement impairments
* Consider the neuroscience underpinning the principles of movement evaluation and retraining decision

About Kinetic Control

For twenty years Kinetic Control has led the way. Our internationally acclaimed assessment framework enhances your skill acquisition by working towards theoretical and practical accreditations in a timescale that suits you. By implementing Kinetic Control, you will benefit from a system that is clinically proven to produce results. KC gives you the confidence and expertise to assess, diagnose, classify and retrain movement impairments.

Whatever your current role, KC’s flexible, modular training and expert skills development will enable you to implement a patient-centered, collaborative approach to treatment. By engaging your clients in the clinical process, you can help them achieve their goals - improving their long term movement health and wellbeing.
Tutor:Sarah Mottram
Date(s):10-11 May 2016
Duration:2 days
Cost:Contact organiser
Venue:Derby Hospital
Location:Derby ,UK
Contact name:Alison Downing
Telephone:+44 (0)1332 254739
Contact email:[email protected]