Course title:Level 1 - Solutions for Movement Impairments of the Neck and Shoulder
Description:Function and performance require an integrated relationship between the shoulder and neck. Due to this close relationship the neck and shoulder require effective management as a co-ordinated functional unit. This module presents methods of managing movement health of these regions through the evaluation of movement control, allowing for deficits to be brought to light and subsequently managed though bespoke retraining. Although these regions are undoubtedly complex, the module supplies means to restore optimal movement health through its systematic approach. This module employs a movement focused philosophy, within a highly structured process of assessment and retraining, to address issues related those highly integrated regions, the neck and shoulder.

We will cover:

How to evaluate movement
Discover the importance of the relationship between restrictions and the control of movement
You’ll learn how to use movement control tests to identify movement impairments
Find out how to make a diagnosis of movement control impairments (site and direction)
You’ll also consider how these problems affect function and symptoms
At the end of the course you’ll be able to undertake movement control retraining to help optimise movement health

Help your patients move better, feel better and do more:

We will present the tools necessary to allow the full spectrum of disciplines within physiotherapy to evaluate and retrain movement within their practice.
The course offers therapists the ability to identify whether their patient’s current pain/dysfunction is linked to movement impairments.
The course presents movement as the vehicle supplying choice in people’s life, for life; a perspective shifting the emphasis away from pain and pathology, placing movement and movement health at the centre of contemporary intervention strategies.
Tutor:Hemakshi Basu and Swekha Mehta
Date(s):27-28 August 2016
Duration:2 Days
Cost:Contact organiser
Contact name:Hemakshi Basu
Contact email:[email protected]