Physiopedia Plus partner organisations can now upload and share resources with their teams

Organisations that partner with Physiopedia Plus (Plus) can now add their own documents and resources to the platform for their staff, students and members to easily access alongside everything else in Plus.

Plus partners with clinics, universities and member organisations to provide free access to internationally recognised continuing education and professional development for their staff, students and members. We are excited to announce that following numerous requests, partner organisations can now upload and share their own resources on Plus too. That means that you can easily share any specific documents or videos that you want your staff, students, or members to access. These resources will be added to a private area on Plus, exclusively for your organisation.

Having the capability to upload resources on Plus allows organisations to provide easy access to key resources and customise team learning experiences. For example, upload your organisation policies and manuals to create an easy onboarding experience or upload your organisation training videos and develop organisation specific in-service training. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this new feature:

1. Activate sharing function

To begin sharing resources, please email [email protected]. The sharing function for your account will be activated enabling you to start uploading resources.

2. Submit your resources

Once your sharing function is activated and resources have been shared, they will then be uploaded to the new Resources tab, which will be accessible from the personal dashboard of every user in your organisation.

3. Notification

After your resources are shared, it’s essential to notify your team. This ensures they are aware of the resources that you have uploaded for them. Regular notifications will keep your users informed and engaged with the new content you provide.

Find more information about organisation accounts on Plus here. To get access to Plus for your organisation simply get in touch to start a conversation.

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