Which short courses are trending in 2023 and how many have you done?

As Physiopedia Plus (Plus) Education Director, I always enjoy checking which courses are trending each week. It is a good measurement to help to understand the learning needs of Plus users and to show the diversity of interests from around the world.

These are the top trending courses for 2023 so far:

  • OctoberNeurological Gait Deviations by Damien Howell, trending for 8 days
    “Fantastic course to deepen your skills in gait assessment, specifically in neurological disorders!”
  • SeptemberIntroduction to Rehabilitation Interventions, this course was part of the 2023 MOOC and already has more than 1300 participants in less than 2 months and trended for 12 days
    “I would recommend this course to every Rehabilitation Professional. It is easy to slip away from basics as you gain more years of experience. You tend to perform techniques you cannot explain, even though they are correct. It’s a must-course for me. Thanks, Plus!!!!!”
  • AugustCurrent Guidelines and Recommendations for Postnatal Exercise, this course by Fiona Healy in collaboration with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists trended for 8 days
    “It was an informative course! It provided excellent information to any physiotherapist working with the postnatal population. Thank you!”
  • JulyPrinciples of Exercise Physiology and Adaptation, this very popular course with more than 815 participants by Mike Lambert trended for 7 days
    “Prof Mike Lambert has so much excellent knowledge and experience to share!”
  • JuneAnatomy of the Hip by Rina Pandya trended for 6 days and already has more than a 1200 participants
    “It is an exciting course with a good presentation at the intermediate level of learning regarding anatomy and hip function”
  • MayBack and Upper Leg Regional Pain and Gait Deviations, another course by Damien Howell was the top trending course for 4 days. This course formed part of ReLAB-HS and Physiopedia clinical skills training in Burma this year
  • AprilCarpal Tunnel Syndrome a very popular course by Loren Szmiga trended for 7 days
    “The overall topic was covered, and well presented in a simple way, which helps to understand even for beginners.”
  • MarchClosure of Medical Interview by Marissa Fourie is so far the longest top trending course for 2023 and was in the first position for a consecutive 9 days
    “Marissa, thank you for your had work! Please make more courses!”
  • FebruaryGeneral Principles of Exercise Rehabilitation is a highly sought after course by Lee Herrington and trended for 10 days
    “Lee Herrington has high credentials in terms of sports physiology. He is able to explain topics very well.”
  • JanuaryGathering Information – The Psychosocial Assessment, another course by Marissa Fourie was the first to trend in 2023 for 8 days
    “I enjoyed this online course. I thought it was well-planned, laid out, and easy to follow. The workload (quiz) was just enough, so I could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel overloaded and rushed.”

A big thank you to Physiopedia team members Aminat Abolade, Rucha Gadgil and Ewa Jaraczewska for keeping track of trending courses and mapping out any trends!