Try the new Plus discussion forum for interactive learning with colleagues from across our global community

Physiopedia Plus (Plus) has launched a new, interactive discussion forum which allows members from the Plus global community to network, connect, and share experiences.  It has exciting features to deliver a user-friendly experience allowing learners to reflect on, discuss and share learnings from participation in the online courses on Plus.

It is good professional practice to reflect on learning from online courses – to think about why you did a course, what you have learned, how you have  implemented what you learned, and how the course will influence your practice in the future. The Plus discussion forum allows learners to share their reflections within the Plus community but also to connect with others, start new discussions and learn from each other wherever they are in the world. 

Try the Plus Forum

To access the Plus forum when you are logged into your Plus account, navigate to the bottom of the course page where you will find a link to “Share your reflection in the discussion forum”. This link will take you to the forum discussion related to the course. In the forum, you can engage in discussions around the course that you participated in or you can engage in conversations around other topics by selecting a topic of your choice from the “topics” tab. You can also browse categories for discussions or help, for example using the ‘Assignment Help’ category. You also have the opportunity to ask questions to our topic specialists in the ‘Ask the Expert’ category. 

The forum has various functions including messaging and chat functions to facilitate easy interactions with your peers. You have the flexibility to create your own profile and personalise messages with emojis, links, and much more. 

For more assistance in navigating and using the forum visit the Help Centre

With the increase of online learning, the Plus forum removes the isolation of learning online by connecting learners with like-minded individuals interested in the same topics. Dive into the Plus forum to immerse yourself in the full learning experience offered by Plus.