University partnerships with Physiopedia: A path to educational excellence

The Physiopedia University Partnership offers innovative resources to enhance curricula and create engaging learning experiences for your students. New online courses in foundational rehabilitation skills, comprehensive 3D anatomy video tutorials and a series of new technique videos can be integrated into any university teaching programme. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of rehabilitation education, innovative and cost efficient approaches are essential to meet the diverse needs of both educators and learners. Physiopedia has harnessed the potential of  technology to create  a range of resources on Physiopedia Plus (Plus) that are reshaping curricula and the educational experience for students worldwide.

This article delves into three key facets of the Physiopedia University Partnership that educators are successfully using to enhance teaching methods, reduce costs, and most importantly  improve the learner experience.

Enhancing curriculum with online courses: new foundational skills courses for undergraduates

Online courses have revolutionised the way education is accessed and disseminated. The Physiopedia University Partnership brings online courses to the forefront, offering educators resources to integrate into curricula for cost and time efficient teaching, and undergraduates invaluable resources for enhancing their knowledge and skills. Here’s why Plus online courses from Physiopedia  are a game-changer:

  • Appropriate: the new foundational rehabilitation skills courses on Plus are specifically created for undergraduates to learn the core skills and develop a strong professional foundation. These courses are currently being shared through the annual Physiopedia MOOC but will be available as a standard course to any Plus member in the future.
  • Accessible: through Plus these (and over 600 other) online courses can be accessed by anyone anywhere, breaking down geographical and financial barriers to providing high quality education. With a University Partnership your students will have access to all the Plus online courses allowing you to choose courses to integrate into your curricula for a hybrid or blended approach to teaching.
  • Flexible: the online courses provide students with the freedom to learn at their own pace, accommodating diverse schedules and learning styles. The online Plus platform makes it easy for students to track their progress and engage with course material by offering access online and via the Plus mobile app.

Learning by doing: new technique videos for skills acquisition

Learning by doing is a proven method for skill acquisition. Physiopedia  recognises this and has created a constantly growing library of technique videos on Plus that cater to a wide range of disciplines. These videos offer the following advantages:

  • Practical Learning: technique videos are a pedagogically sound method of teaching practical skills that complements usual teaching methods by enabling students to repeatedly visualise and comprehend practical concepts.
  • Skill Enhancement: the benefit of using videos for skills acquisition is that they can be watched multiple times in advance of practice, played concurrently alongside practical implementation and reviewed at any time in the future to consolidate skills.
  • Expert Guidance: the Plus videos provide students with insights and tips from highly qualified and experienced clinicians that are invaluable for mastering techniques and skills.

Easy anatomy: new anatomy video tutorials and courses

Anatomy is a fundamental discipline for most students pursuing careers in healthcare. Recognising this, Physiopedia has recently added innovative anatomy video tutorials and related online courses that cover all major joints and body systems. Here’s why these resources are fundamental :

  • Complementary Teaching Resources: students  can access the comprehensive anatomy courses on Plus at any time to equip them with in-depth knowledge of the human body, laying a strong foundation for their careers.
  • Interactive Learning: Plus’s interactive anatomy videos and courses allow students to explore 3D models and test their knowledge through quizzes and assessments, enhancing retention and understanding.
  • Strengthening Curricula: these courses can be integrated into any curricula to provide a holistic view of the human body, ensuring that students have a well-rounded understanding of anatomy.

The Physiopedia University Partnership is redefining education by providing a diverse array of resources that cater to the learning needs of students worldwide. From online courses for undergraduates to technique videos and comprehensive anatomy tutorials, Physiopedia is providing cost effective resources to enhance university curricula at the same time as empowering learners to pursue their educational goals with greater accessibility, depth, and flexibility.  A university collaboration with Physiopedia exemplifies the potential for the fusion of technology and academia to create a brighter future for education. Apply for your partnership now!