New online functional anatomy courses aim to tackle current challenges faced in learning anatomy

The new Physiopedia Plus (Plus) Exploring Anatomy Programme utilises digital 3D models to deliver an innovative series of courses that will benefit both healthcare students and professionals.

For many healthcare professionals, a solid understanding of anatomy is essential to safe and effective practice. Unfortunately, there are many challenges in learning and retaining anatomy knowledge. For example, experts in the surgical community have noted an overall decline in anatomy education at the undergraduate level, citing reduced curricular time, teaching staff and access to dissections. Even once students have learnt anatomy, retention decreases over time. In addition, an increasingly digital world adds pressure for anatomy education to evolve and adapt.

Plus has created a series of foundational anatomy courses targeted to both students and professionals to help address these challenges. The new Exploring Anatomy Programme was created in collaboration with Primal Pictures, using their digital 3D anatomy models to present information in a way that is easy to understand and visualise. 

I wish these courses had been available when I was a PT student! The anatomy review courses are well thought-out, organized, and beautiful. It was an excellent review of the basic knowledge needed for every clinician. Thank you!” – Stacy Schiurring, Physiotherapist from Austin, Texas USA

The anatomy courses were created with an emphasis on facilitating learning. The content is informed by the proposed anatomy syllabus for entry-level physiotherapists in the UK published in Clinical Anatomy this year, ensuring that the courses meet fundamental learning objectives and are most useful to those who need them. For each video, accurate anatomical information was gathered, organised and condensed into a clear and concise script, including clinical significance to make it relevant to real life. The Plus team then screen recorded the 3D anatomy from Primal Pictures’s, including movement animations where possible to enhance visualisation. Finally, voice overs were recorded and the final video was edited, adding on-screen labels for structures and key information. 

To facilitate easy navigation so that learners can select courses depending on their individual learning needs the courses are divided according to major joints in the body and organised to highlight function. Video chapters make it easy to find what you are looking for. Each anatomy course includes the online video as well as comprehensive supplementary reading pages for additional detail and a quiz to test understanding. On successful completion, learners can download a course certificate of completion. 

The Exploring Anatomy Programme leverages technology to address current challenges in learning anatomy and to adapt to an increasingly digital education landscape. As the courses are entirely online, not only do they eliminate the need for textbooks, but they also increase accessibility. They can be accessed anywhere at any time – either directly through the Plus website or by using the Plus app. App users are able to download the courses to complete even when they do not have access to the internet. This expands the reach globally and serves those without access to real-time instruction or indeed consistent internet access. The 3D models aid visualisation, which is particularly useful when there is no access to cadaver dissections. Additionally, these are not just for students — any professional at any point throughout their careers can refresh their anatomy knowledge and combat loss of retention.  

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re just starting to learn anatomy or you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge, why not embrace a whole new education experience with Physiopedia Plus!