Bridging the gap from clinician to online instructor to promote knowledge sharing for a global audience

Presenting an online video presentation is an intimidating task for most clinicians, whose expertise lies in the clinical setting and not necessarily in the realm of presenting content to a camera. The Physiopedia Plus (Plus) team have developed tools to support clinical topic specialists in sharing their knowledge with the global audience through online learning including video content.

Online courses provide a way for rehabilitation professionals to effectively share their knowledge with others, wherever they are in the world. Opening up online teaching opportunities in this way encourages both learners and teachers to communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and allows greater depth and variety of knowledge sharing – incorporating diverse perspectives that may not be present with traditional face-to-face teaching methods.

However, not all clinical topic specialists have the skills to create online courses, and we know that the quality of online video production is important for effective knowledge translation. As part of the Plus mission of supporting global knowledge sharing, the Plus team identified key barriers faced by clinicians when creating online courses, with many of these being related to a lack of skills and knowledge of producing online video presentations. Based on this, a supportive mentorship process (including an instructional handbook and an easy-to-follow checklist) were developed for clinical topic specialists keen to share their knowledge as Plus online instructors, to make the process of producing an online course as uncomplicated as possible. 

Developing courses with Physiopedia Plus has been an amazing experience. The team with whom I have worked have been professional, encouraging, and incredibly patient as I have learned new skills in putting together the courses and recordings. They create professional videos, including perfect timing in the insertion of photographs and displaying the outline as I am speaking. They are very open with communication and provide references that I did not include that may further support the material.”

The Plus mentorship process provides clear guidance and support with the technical elements of the video production process, as well as sharing effective ways to enhance learning through a multimedia approach based on the latest evidence. The Plus media team support the process, and are experts at fixing any ‘um’s and ah’s’, or anything else that may go wrong while recording, believe us when we say we have seen our fair share of bloopers! This leaves the Instructor able to focus on their expertise and not waste time and energy figuring out the technicalities and best practices of online learning. 

“Keep doing more of the same. Your platform is brilliant. Thank you for allowing instructors from around the globe to share information with physiotherapists around the globe! Keep up the great work!”

Aside from overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Instructors, the outcome is empowering clinicians to produce high-quality online courses that promote participant engagement and knowledge translation – all facilitating a positive teaching and learning experience for rehabilitation professionals globally.