New courses on Physiopedia Plus address your fundamental knowledge needs

A new series of courses on Physiopedia Plus (Plus) has been developed to help support students, new graduates and educators with learning and teaching fundamental knowledge topics in rehabilitation.

It is distressing to feel lacking in knowledge or skill. Perhaps you are newly qualified and feel ill-equipped for your first placement as a qualified professional. This may be exacerbated for students who studied during the COVID-19 pandemic where training facilities and academic institutions had to make adjustments due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed at the time. This may have meant limited in-person time spent training with instructors, mentors, and/or practical interactions with patients on clinical placements. The pandemic also necessitated a shift in the medium in which instruction was delivered, in some instances allowing less opportunity to demonstrate practical skills, and resulting in cuts and changes to curricula.  However, it isn’t just newly qualified staff who can identify gaps in their knowledge or skills – whether we are changing jobs, moving into a different field of work or stepping back into the profession after a break, all professionals can relate to needing to get to grips with the basics.

In response this need, Physiopedia Plus is developing courses and resources to bridge the knowledge gap. The new Plus functional Exploring Anatomy Programme in collaboration with Primal Pictures was created to provide inside-out knowledge of this core topic to support professionals at all stages of their career. The anatomy courses cover each anatomical area of the body as it relates to function and clinical significance – discussing bones, ligaments and muscles, as well as the movements and nerves and blood supply for the area. After completing these courses you will feel confident with your anatomy knowledge! 

Furthermore, the 2023 Physiopedia and ReLAB-HS massive open online course (MOOC) is now open for registrations.  The MOOC starts in September 2023 and will cover basic rehabilitation techniques, including the following topics:

  1.   Introduction to Rehabilitation Interventions 
  2.   Assessment Before Manual Handling
  3.   Assessing Range of Motion
  4.   Assessing Muscle Strength
  5.   Assessing Muscle Length
  6.   Neurological Screen 
  7.   Exploring Positioning
  8.   Exploring Transfers

This MOOC is most suited to students and early career professionals – make sure you register to attend here.

But wait, there is more! Exciting plans are afoot for creating a video library of techniques which will be hosted on the Physiopedia Plus site for members to visually brush up on practical techniques – coming soon!

All these courses and resources are accessible online or via the Plus mobile app, removing the barrier of needing to be at a specific location to access training or information. The courses are short, which allows participants to select courses to address their specific and individual learning needs. 

So, if you are feeling uncomfortable with a gap in your knowledge, explore the offerings on Physiopedia Plus and keep your eyes open for new and exciting resources coming soon.