Physiopedia volunteers contribute to global rehabilitation knowledge, one page at a time

The recent Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course left a positive lasting impact on everyone who took part, empowering individuals to take on new skills and experience professional growth whilst supporting rehabilitation professionals around the world through their contributions to Physiopedia.

To achieve our mission, Physiopedia relies on a volunteer content team to create and review content. The Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course is a 3-week online course that prepares participants to join the volunteer team, as well as providing them with valuable skills and knowledge to positively impact patient care and global health.

“Before I joined the course I knew about Physiopedia.  It has helped me in my education with its comprehensive and up-to-date articles” Sehriban Ozmen, Turkey

During the course, participants engage in various learning activities, including exploring Physiopedia, reviewing and updating content and creating new pages. The flexible, self-paced format enables them to balance their personal and professional commitments while gaining hands-on experience in contributing to an international project.

“I ask myself: what do I bring to the table to make this global rehabilitation resource more meaningful to its users, including myself?” Ines Musabyemariya, Rwanda

The Physiopedia team always enjoys interacting with new volunteers as they start their journey to learn editing skills, deepen their understanding of the research and work through their weekly tasks. Connecting with a diverse group of rehabilitation professionals fosters a friendly, collaborative atmosphere that promotes knowledge sharing. It is a great way to network, experience new ideas and learn about different rehabilitation practices around the world. 

“One of the most significant benefits of Physiopedia is that it provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among physiotherapy students and practitioners worldwide.” Syeda Bushra Zehra, Pakistan

The contributions of Physiopedia volunteers have a far-reaching impact on the rehabilitation community. By dedicating their time and knowledge, they help ensure that Physiopedia remains a reliable, up-to-date resource for professionals seeking to improve their practice and provide the best possible care for their patients. Their commitment to continuous learning and improvement is an inspiration for others and a testament to the power of collective action.

“I thoroughly enjoyed making a new page, but definitely underestimated the time needed to do the literature search and summarising of information. Thank you for the opportunity “ Kirsten Coutts, South Africa

The Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course is a transformative experience for everyone involved. We are deeply grateful for our volunteers and look forward to seeing the continued impact of their efforts in advancing Physiopedia’s mission and improving global health.